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Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaner 2.0



Tooth Cleaning At Home Without Expensive Dentist Treatments!

The OralGift™ Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaner 2.0 effectively removes dental plaque, calculus, and tartar for a healthy brighter smile! We took all of the benefits that you'd get from expensive and invasive dentist procedures to create a device that anyone can use at home! 


☑️ Dental Care With Healthier Gums: OralGift™ Tooth Cleaner can separate dental plaque, dental calculus and stains, removes hard tartar easily from the tooth preventing gum disease.

☑️ Two Interchangeable Cleaning Heads: Gently remove stains and plaque from your teeth with the help of our innovative ultrasonic cleaning technology. And finish up your routine by switching to the electric toothbrush head. Single device, single routine, all of the benefits.

☑️ Higher Frequency Sonic Vibration: With 31 000 ultrasonic vibrations per minute, OralGift™ Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaner 2.0  is the single most effective dental hygiene device in the market. Superior cleaning & whitening. What used to take weeks or multiple dentist visits, now can be done in the comfort of your own home and bring results just after a few times of use.

☑️ Safe For Anyone: Ultrasonic cleaning technology shows zero empathy to any of the imperfections – calculus, stains and darkened spots, meanwhile, it’s perfectly safe for your gums and enamel. It can also be used on crowns, implants and other types of dental work. Safe and effective, right how it’s supposed to be.

☑️ 4 Levels Of Adjustable Frequency: The adjustable ultrasonic pulse technology is perfectly suited for anyone. The higher frequencies can help remove even the most stubborn of calculus and plaque, while the lower frequencies can help whiten your teeth, by removing minor stains and spots.

☑️ An Extra Built-In LED Auxiliary Light: This simple, but convenient feature helps you spot even the well hidden imperfections on your teeth. The built-in light is pointed directly towards your teeth, ensuring nothing escapes the deep cleansing ultrasonic pulses.

☑️ Energy Saving & Efficient: Once fully charged, it automatically turns off to protect the device and keep the dents out of your electricity bill. Oh! Did we mention it can be used for about 200 times until the next recharge? 

☑️ Portable Design: Made from lightweight materials, it’s perfect for carrying it with you, wherever you go! Put it in your bag or your suitcase and take it on vacation or on business trips! 
☑️ Great Gift: Surprise your loved ones with the Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaner 2.0.  Perfect for people with veneers and braces.


Get Your 3-In-1 Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaner 2.0 Today!

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