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Sonic Electric Toothbrush


The acoustic electric toothbrush is a high frequency vibratory toothbrush with a frequency of tens of thousands of times. High frequency vibration easily remove the germs and impurities around the teeth, and the cleaning range can cover the various parts of the teeth. The acoustic energy generated by the motor through the brush bristles is transferred to the surface of the teeth and gums, removing tartar and bacteria.


    1. The slight vibration produced by the high-speed rotation of the electric toothbrush can not only promote the circulation of the blood in the mouth, but also massage the gingival tissue.

    2. Cleans 38% more dental plaque than the manual toothbrush.

    3. Only brushes for 1 minutes, equivalent to manual brushing for 10 minutes.

    4. Wireless charge station; 30 days using

    5. IPX7 waterproof

    6. 31000 times/min

    7. Unique design

    8. Ergonomic design

    Product Specification:

    1. Food-grade APET ABS+PP, DuPont bristle

    2. Battery: 3.7V, 1.8W 800mAh

    3. IPX7 waterproof Grade

    4. 2 mins. Intelligent auto-timer, 30 seconds interval timer guide

    5. FDA, FCC, CE&R

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